Hello, welcome to official Boom Beach cheats website. With the help of our online booster, you will be able to increase your Boom Beach resources and most importantly – YOUR DIAMONDS!

Please follow our step by step tutorial in order to increase your resources!


First of all you have to open our Boom Beach online booster. You can do that by clicking button below.

open Boom Beach Booster


Enter your Boom Beach username and click “Connect”¬†button. Make sure that your entered username is valid. Status in right corner should change to “Connecting…”


If your entered username is valid, panel which requires you to enter how much resources and diamonds you want to add will show. Enter how much Diamonds, Gold, Wood, Stone and Iron you want to add to your account as seen on the picture.


Finally click “Generate” button. And that’s basically it. That’s how you can top up your Boom Beach diamonds! It’s seriously that simple.

important: Sometimes you may need to complete a quick offer in order to prove that you are human. It’s not a secret that we get lots of automated bot traffic requests each day. With these short offers we are trying to minimize bots attacking our Boom Beach booster panel.

And that’s basically it, that’s how easy it is to hack Boom Beach diamonds and other resources. If you have any questions regarding these Boom Beach cheats, you can always contact us by using contact form